Classes by Jelveh

Come learn the Ancient art of Glass Bead Making from Jelveh Jaferian Johnson at her local private studio right here in Morgan Hill, CA. She has been melting glass for over 17 years. Below is a description of classes offered at the studio.


Party of Five Classes: Gather 4 of your friends & join me at the studio for a 2-hour class, $25 per person. In this class I show the very basics of making just one bead, you can choose a heart bead, a landscape bead, a surface flower bead or just a dotted bead. It’s a fun class that gives you an idea for very little investment, of what is Flameworking or Lampworking after all.


Beginner Class: 5 hours of class, times of your choosing, class can be split in two 2 ½ hour classes. $175. In this class you will learn how to make a round bead, how to use the tools, how to prepare your mandrels, a bit of history. We will review the making of a glass bead, make a few with dots, lines, bumps and bubble eyes, we will discuss a bit about metals used in making class beads. A General beginner class you will need to take if you are seriously looking to melt glass.


Mid to Advance Classes: These classes are in the subject matter that you want to learn in regards to Flameworking, Bead Making. I teach extensive classes on Encasing, Silver Glass, Stringer Control and Christmas Ornament Blowing. These classes start in price from $200 for a 5 hour class.


Contact me at 408-607-6034 to set up your class, See you at the Studio.